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Our space and what the people behind it have to say…

Ayesha Mohamed (Cape Town)

I like working at Swift Momentum because we have a great working environment, awesome team dynamic and great resources to work with. We are looked after and we have better resources than most other recruitment agencies out there.

We are different and we are up to date with the latest technology. No one is afraid to get their hands dirty and there is no hierarchy within the company. Everyone assists each other and we look for ways to better ourselves on a constant basis.

We work hard and we have time to have fun while working. I like the flexible working environment and we are encouraged to communicate with each other very openly. I like the fact that we have no red tape or politics and that we all work together as a team as we all here to make money while enjoying a flexible and fun working environment. Everyone has their own value that they bring to the table and that’s what makes us a great team and the best IT/Tech recruitment agency out there!

Warda Barendse (Cape Town)

Why do I like working at Swift?
No hierarchy, everyone is equal and we all work hard to grow the business as well as ourselves.

You get recognised for the value you put into the company and no ideas get put down – everyone is always open to your contribution. We are a real team and there is always someone to listen and help out. We get offered flexible hours and a team that’s like a family 🙂

Chad Saldsman (Cape Town)

As I walked into the Swift Momentum offices the first thing that hit me was the work environment, the big open-plan space, clean offices with large windows and lots of light, beanbags at our boardroom table and a dart board by the bar and kitchen! I immediately knew this was a creative and very welcoming work environment. David is so generous in how he provides us with the very best platforms and resources to reach greatness. There are way too many hidden benefits working at Swift Momentum to name them all but free lunches, free drinks, flexi hours, smart- casual dress code and playing 30 seconds are the norm.

Swift Momentum invest in their team all the time with meditation courses and on and off site training provided. We also do tons of team-building events such as the IMPI Challenge and we love to give back so we get involved in community projects and charity events.

There is always a good vibe in the office. It is incredibly rare to have a Director that is always ready and available for his employees. David has a very hands-on approach and his managerial style is the best I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He sits in the middle of the office instead of isolating himself upstairs in a private office. With no previous recruitment experience, Swift Momentum has given me all the tools I need and I have already started achieving my goals!

Dean Kruger (Jozi)

Starting out with Swift Momentum Jozi in February 2017 has been nothing short of amazing. I get to stick to my own personal, wacky style of recruiting, be selective on who I want to build relationships with and am totally encouraged to focus on and bring in new business of my choosing. Our highly entrepreneurial office in Rosebank, where we get to collaborate with different start-ups, incubators and other highly sales-focused people, has made me aware of how much business is out there… just waiting to be picked up.

Debbie & David are both still running their own desks, assisting and training other consultants while at the same time, keeping this awesome, trendy brand alive and kicking. The thing I value most about working with Debbie is that she gives me total freedom to do what I do best and never tries to block my own personal style.

Epic Braai

Check out some pics and be sure to make it next time! Starting to be the wildest drinks in the tech space in Cape Town.

Swift Momentum – a culture of service

What do Martin Luther King and Ghandi have in common?
They’re universally recognized as the greatest men of the 21st century.

I found these comments an interesting reflection of what makes them great:
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Ghandi
“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve” – Martin Luther King.

Even though I make mistakes on a daily basis – I’ve always aspired to follow greatness.
More importantly, I’ve surround myself with people who do the same.

What the recruitment industry forgets is that we’re not in the business of commission chasing.
We’re in the business of people.
Superlative recruiters are the ones that serve others better than their peers.
This means connecting with candidates to build dream careers and connecting with clients to build dream businesses.

In order to do that, we’ve built a culture of service.
Primarily, by seeking a community of like-minded people who strive for greatness.
Making those people part of our Swift Momentum family.
Serving that family in all their aspirations.
Enabling them to do the same for clients and candidates.

What a privilege and pleasure it has been to serve the Swift Family.
Thank you for being amazing!

I remember the day so clearly

….it was a Thursday in February 2016 and I was seriously low. I was sitting at my desk and I just couldn’t look up. I knew that if I looked up I would have to resign. With nothing lined up. No Plan B. Single mom, three kids to support and no Plan B. And then I looked up….

My screen was open on LinkedIn and this quirky, sexy, cheeky post was screaming out to me. Recruiters wanted in Cape Town. I instantly fell in love with the brand…. Swift Momentum – the Recruitment Firm. It was pretty much love at first sight. Without even considering that I actually live in Jozi, I responded to David Sarembock, then a stranger and now my business partner but more importantly, my friend.

David responded almost instantly and asked if he could call me later that afternoon. And he did. At exactly 16h00 as scheduled. Tick box – a man of his word. David listened while I passionately explained why I love what I do. People, people, people. Integrity. Realness. Creativity. This is what I bill. This is what I earn. This is what I want from my work. This is what I definitely don’t want. We agreed we should meet.

From the minute I engaged with David and the brand of Swift Momentum, I felt a sense of “home”. And just like that, I quit my job. Yup, that’s right – ‘with nothing lined up. No Plan B. Single mom, three kids to support and no Plan B.’ “The best start-ups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.” —Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and co-editor.

And so I started to scratch my itch. I booked a flight to Cape Town so that I could go and meet David Sarembock. Stranger. I only had one day and had to fly back that same night. We met for an hour and a half. Funny thing is, he thought I was coming for the weekend and had no idea that I was there just for the day, just to meet him! On the flight home, I knew that I had planted a big seed in my world of work but I also knew that under no circumstances were my three teenagers going to agree to move to Cape Town at that time! Being Capetonian, David was super chilled and suggested we keep in touch and see what unfolds. I just couldn’t let it go. I needed to water my seed, dammit!

A few days later, I planted the next seed which together we are now growing…. Swift Momentum Jozi. The second time I met David, I flew to Cape Town for a few days so that we could meet with lawyers and accountants and he took me for dinner so that his wife and his close friends could give me the nod. Or not. But clearly I passed because that was the birth of Swift Momentum Jozi and my partnership with David, his team and the incredible Swift Momentum brand.

Eight months down the line, I know that the most epic thing I did all year was to act on my gut, take a flying leap of faith and back myself. Moreover, my leap allowed me to find a business partner and a team who have backed me from the very beginning. It’s not easy to find such integrity, such passion, such generosity but it is absolutely possible!

Do yourself a favour – when you next find yourself in Woodstock, Cape Town, walk into the Swift Momentum office and get a sense of it yourself. The pride that each person has for the brand is palpable. When I first met David, I said, “I like to think of myself as terribly stable but highly unpredictable.” Dave, thank you for taking a leap of faith with me. Thank you for your faith and generosity in Swift Momentum Jozi and thank you for making this the most gratifying and FUN adventure I’ve ever undertaken.

We live in incredibly challenging times. Countries and corporations are being run by narcissistic megalomaniacs who have lost the understanding of the greater good. My best advice is to trust your gut when it tells you to leave. Trust that voice inside that is begging you to back yourself. One day when I’m old and moving on, I want to reflect on my life and say, ‘Wow! What an epic adventure,’ as opposed to, ‘Shew, that sure felt safe.’

I dare you…. go plant a seed and have an EPIC adventure growing it!

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Here’s why Amazon’s new 30-hour workweek is such a great idea

Last Wednesday, Amazon announced it was preparing to launch a pilot program in which a few dozen employees would log only 30 hours each week. In return they would receive 75% of their normal salary and retain full benefits.

Set against a backdrop in which lots of Americans work twice those hours, many could see the policy as a way to encourage slacking off.

But a quick glance at the research on productivity and how people respond to flexible work schedules seems to suggest the opposite. In fact, a 30-hour workweek could be exactly what a burnt-out American workforce needs.

“When you first hear the news, you wonder if Amazon has people’s best interest in mind,” Joe Rubin, a human-resources expert who cofounded the recruiting site Crowded.com, tells Business Insider. After all, the company is paying people less money to work fewer hours. “But as you dig a little bit deeper, you realize this is actually a good idea. It brings more people into the workforce.”

With a 30-hour workweek, Rubin says, new mothers and people with other obligations can maintain a stable work schedule without needing to take a long leave of absence or work inconvenient hours. By offering employees more flexibility, Amazon sends the message that life outside the workplace matters.

The policy also indicates that the world’s second-largest retailer is acknowledging the limits of human cognition, whether or not that was the Amazon’s intent.

Human attention spans are notoriously poor. Evidence suggests we can concentrate on a given task for only several hours at a time before we start to feel fatigued and let our minds wander. After we’ve hit our peak, our performance will begin to flatline or even suffer.

“If you’re pushing people well beyond that time they can really concentrate maximally, you’re very likely to get them to acquire some bad habits,” K. Anders Ericsson, one of the top experts on the psychology of work, told Tech Insider in May.

For instance, people may get so used to using time inefficiently toward the end of their day that they let the random YouTube browsing they do when they get tired start creeping earlier and earlier into their day.

People in the Amazon pilot will work only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with some flexibility added in. The decision to test out the policy sends a message to other large corporations that startups aren’t the only ones that can focus on maximizing people’s well-being, Rubin adds. Big companies can change with the times, too.

“I’m not sure they’ll rush to do it,” he says, “but if this works out well and Amazon puts out some really good PR that they’ve implemented this program on a limited basis and it’s brought up morale and brought additional talent to the workforce, I certainly see other companies implementing policies like this.”

Rubin concedes the pilot might come with some drawbacks. One is that the people working full time might start to resent the part-timers, even though they make only three-quarters of their usual pay.

But the larger issue might be that part-time workers feel compelled to work more than 30 hours, similar to how the standard 40-hour workweek ends up being closer to 47 hours for many employees. In that case, Rubin says, it’ll be up to Amazon to enforce the policy that 30 hours means 30 hours.

If the company can implement the policy and stick to it, a shorter workweek might just become a mainstay in corporate America.

Written by Chris Weller