August Giveaway

How about setting yourself a new challenge this spring with our August Giveaway? Our team at Swift Momentum takes real pride in achieving our goals and striving to exceed our own limitations. And we want our community to be a part of this, too. Read more

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WIN a ticket to the Cipla Cancer Buddies Walk or Cycle for HOPE

On Saturday 5th October 2013, Cipla are hosting an outdoor event to raise awareness and pledge hope for cancer survivors. Our team at Swift Momentum are getting involved by giving away tickets to the first five applicants to enter. Read more

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Supporting and Helping the Homestead in July

In the month of July we are collecting any old clothes from clients, candidates, friends, family and anyone that’s keen to help and get involved. We provide the organisation with donations, clothing, food, and volunteer at The Homestead on a quarterly basis. Read more

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The Legendary Madiba

I read a powerful and interesting article by Steve Tappin who is the BBC CEO Guru & Founder. I thought with whats going on here now in South Africa everyone would enjoy this article. I look forward to your comments?

If the man can forgive and let go, can’t we all? Read more