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Epic Braai

Check out some pics and be sure to make it next time! Starting to be the wildest drinks in the tech space in Cape Town.

Swift Momentum – a culture of service

What do Martin Luther King and Ghandi have in common? They’re universally recognized as the greatest men of the 21st century. I found these comments an interesting reflection of what makes them great: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Ghandi “Everybody can be great […]

I remember the day so clearly

….it was a Thursday in February 2016 and I was seriously low. I was sitting at my desk and I just couldn’t look up. I knew that if I looked up I would have to resign. With nothing lined up. No Plan B. Single mom, three kids to support and no Plan B. And then […]

Is your business ready for POPI?

Is your business ready for POPI? Use our 10 question scorecard to assess your POPI compliance: SwiftTechLaw assists with all your information, privacy and compliance needs.