Coming Soon: Mass surveillance of Our Inner Most Thoughts

This video “will make you see the future, a wonderful future, where we can use brain waves to fight crime and be more productive and find love“. – World Economic Forum 2023

Technology able to decode the affective states of individuals is already used in China and by roughly 5000 companies worldwide, including Meta. Gadgets slated for release later this year, that is able to monitor brainwave activity, promises to take it mainstream. 

Are we opening ourselves up to a dystopian world in which our very thoughts may make us criminals, where our last bastion of privacy, our inner world, is laid bare to our employers, government agencies and big business? Or will this usher in a new crime-free world of cultural homogeny, productivity and self monitoring?
Here are the facts. You decide.

There is hardly anything more stupid and dangerous than putting important decisions in the hands of people who don’t have to pay a price for being wrong” – @gearoid6761

Link to Russell Brand’s humorous take on “brain transparency” here

7 February 2023

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