Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

Can’t find a solution to a problem? Creativity and humour makes the task far easier. Imagination is the root of innovation. Often it takes unconventional thinking to produce real change.  You’ll see some inventive, creative and few dangerous ideas below…

1) The Lazy Man’s Lawnmower Resolution

2) Carpal Tunnel Prevention Tactics

3) Makeshift Selfie Extension Apparatus

4) The Automotive Exhaust System/Hanger Reconfiguration

5) Brandy Stain Concealment Decal

6) The Rusty Screw Electrical Plug Maneuver

Now, you’re about to witness how only a slight change in perspective on the things we take for granted, can separate the casual from genius, and how even the smallest tweaks can make all the difference.

7) Signal And Brake Lights Illuminating Bikers Jacket

8) The Solution to Mom’s Budding Artist Challenge

9) The Pet Relief Station

10) The Easy Access QR Code for Instant Homework Feedback

11) Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Beautifier

21 May 2021

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