Hire an intern… and become a superhero!

Have you ever thought about how could you fight injustice without a superpower? or how could you become a superhero in the real world?

Join the Life Choices squad and become a superhero by transforming the tech industry!

Life Choices Academy began in 2017, to develop underprivileged school-leavers’ skills so that they could obtain well-paid and meaningful jobs within 12 months in the tech industry.

Most youth from low-resourced communities can’t access or successfully complete tertiary education. To solve this problem, the industry needs to step up and become superheroes by partnering closely with service providers that are working on finding solutions for this injustice.

Life Choices Academy uses blended learning – a 6-month interactive course that combines lectures, online self-learning and capstone projects with a 6-month industry job immersion (paid internships). Youth gain full-stack skills by being exposed to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, MySQL and Flask. The academy simulates how companies work so that students are ready to join the workplace in junior positions and continue to be molded to the company’s needs and culture.

For more on the talent that is currently seeking opportunities please follow the link https://lifechoicesacademy.com/host-our-graduates/

I am interested!! What next?

So our internship program is pretty simple, we are very flexible however some basics need to be covered:

· Internships must run for a minimum of six-eight months.

· Each intern must have a dedicated mentor or access to a team that will support them.

· The minimum wage for the internship must be R3,000 per month (we top-up this from our side with another R3,600).

· Engage in a feedback meeting every two months with a Life Choices Academy representative.

So where is the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. The only thing that we seek in return is a placement fee. The placement fee is R10 000 ex vat and is only applicable if you decide to employ the intern at the end of the internship. If you decide that you are not in a position to employ, then we don’t charge you anything. All the monies that are generated through placement fees are used to fund other young people to go through the academy for free.

To engage with us mail Ehrin@lifechoices.co.za.

For more information on the program please download the brochure here.

27 May 2021

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