Life Choices: Seeking Interns?

Life Choices is an NPO based in Lansdowne, Cape Town with a focus on Youth Development within previously disadvantaged communities. Rather than providing charity, our aim is to provide the youth with tangible skills which are transferable to the employment market.

The Life Choices Coding Academy program is an industry-specific coding program. It’s designed as a 12-month program, the first 6-months is knowledge transfer after which we secure a 6-month internship (on-site or remote) with host companies where interns engage with the real-world projects, gain experience and hopefully add value to your team and are able to convert the internship into meaningful employment.

Our program’s curriculum can be accessed here. 

The output of the program is focused on getting each student to develop a portfolio of work through a digital profile. The portfolio will give you a feel for who they are, the tasks they completed and an overview of their abilities.

If you are interested and would like to engage with us on our program please feel free to reach out to or

Our other model speaks to is the fact that we recognize that companies are potentially looking for long term solutions to accessing young diverse talent. Recently Life Choices Studios opened its doors and started engaging with industry, the focus of the studio is to offer services to its partners within the Web design, Web Application and QA Testing industries.

This service is seen as a partnership where we facilitate the development of aspiring developers in a tailored upskilling program that talks to your needs as an organization. Through the upskilling program, we not only develop them to your stack requirements but we also integrate them into your company by facilitating the management of tasks and services that are required by you the company. This service can be seen as an outsourced internship.

This whole process is managed by a dedicated senior team of project managers and developers. This senior team manage both the learning journey and the working environment in line with your needs and your teams’ structure. The aim is to integrate the interns into your team with our capacity where we manage the process and eliminate all pressure that your team will normally be exposed to during an in house internship.

By the time the internship is completed the interns will be in a position to deliver services and integrate themselves directly into your teams.

14 Sep 2021

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