Introducing the team of superheroes that make Swift Momentum such a success.


Kim Hubert

Recruitment Manager/ Senior Consultant

What made you choose a career in recruitment?
I really enjoy interacting with all different kinds of people on a daily basis, and finding somebody the perfect job is a hugely rewarding aspect of what I do.

Where do you see the recruitment industry in SA going in the next few years?
I think social media is going to play a bigger role now, which means it will be far more competitive for recruitment agencies as traditional methods of recruiting become more redundant. More personal relationships with candidates will result from the social media aspect, so there is definitely a need for agencies to adapt to that.

What makes you happy?
Lots! Travelling, good food and wine, having a successful month, relaxing spa treatments, to name a few.


staff-green-celesteCeleste Morgan

Senior Recruitment Consultant

What made you choose a career in recruitment?
I love dealing with people, and there’s such a wonderful sense of gratification when you help them get placed in their dream job.

Where do you see the IT/ Digital and Telecoms industries in SA going in the next few years?
These three elements are essential to ensuring a business is running successfully. I am excited about what the future holds for these industries in South Africa – the possibilities are endless.

What makes you happy?
Shopping. I love it. And holidaying on an island far away…


staff-green-randallRandall Simons


What made you choose a career in recruitment?
I never chose specifically to work in recruiting, but quickly found that helping people to find work allowed me to provide an incredibly valuable service to society, which was fulfilling in so many ways. I became good at it, and I realised that although you can’t change the world alone, you can play a part in that change.

Where do you see the IT/ Digital/ Telecoms industry in SA going in the next few years?
All sectors have their strengths. Without media who would know about Telecoms and without IT how would Digital Media even develop? So all industries play a part in the growth and development of each other. Technically, I enjoy Telecoms: each year manufacturers try to create better and faster networks, so we might even see a 5G network in a few years.

What makes you happy?
My family makes me happy. Besides many other things, it’s what keeps me going in life.


staff-green-lemeezLemeez Staggie

Recruitment Administrator

What made you choose a career in recruitment?
I’ve always loved working with people and meeting new personalities.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Searching for great candidates and ensuring they are the perfect fit.

What makes you happy?
I love experiencing new things, be it in work or at home. I love my family and my children – watching them grow up into little busy bees makes me extremely happy.