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Ayesha Mohamed (Cape Town)


I like working at Swift Momentum because we have a great working environment, awesome team dynamic and great resources to work with. We are looked after and we have better resources than most other recruitment agencies out there.

We are different and we are up to date with the latest technology. No one is afraid to get their hands dirty and there is no hierarchy within the company. Everyone assists each other and we look for ways to better ourselves on a constant basis.

We work hard and we have time to have fun while working. I like the flexible working environment and we are encouraged to communicate with each other very openly. I like the fact that we have no red tape or politics and that we all work together as a team as we all here to make money while enjoying a flexible and fun working environment. Everyone has their own value that they bring to the table and that’s what makes us a great team and the best IT/Tech recruitment agency out there!

Warda Barendse (Cape Town)


Why do I like working at Swift?
No hierarchy, everyone is equal and we all work hard to grow the business as well as ourselves.

You get recognised for the value you put into the company and no ideas get put down – everyone is always open to your contribution. We are a real team and there is always someone to listen and help out. We get offered flexible hours and a team that’s like a family 

Chad Saldsman (Cape Town)


As I walked into the Swift Momentum offices the first thing that hit me was the work environment, the big open-plan space, clean offices with large windows and lots of light, beanbags at our boardroom table and a dart board by the bar and kitchen! I immediately knew this was a creative and very welcoming work environment. David is so generous in how he provides us with the very best platforms and resources to reach greatness. There are way too many hidden benefits working at Swift Momentum to name them all but free lunches, free drinks, flexi hours, smart- casual dress code and playing 30 seconds are the norm.

Swift Momentum invest in their team all the time with meditation courses and on and off site training provided. We also do tons of team-building events such as the IMPI Challenge and we love to give back so we get involved in community projects and charity events.

There is always a good vibe in the office. It is incredibly rare to have a Director that is always ready and available for his employees. David has a very hands-on approach and his managerial style is the best I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He sits in the middle of the office instead of isolating himself upstairs in a private office. With no previous recruitment experience, Swift Momentum has given me all the tools I need and I have already started achieving my goals!

Dean Kruger (Jozi)


Starting out with Swift Momentum Jozi in February 2017 has been nothing short of amazing. I get to stick to my own personal, wacky style of recruiting, be selective on who I want to build relationships with and am totally encouraged to focus on and bring in new business of my choosing. Our highly entrepreneurial office in Rosebank, where we get to collaborate with different start-ups, incubators and other highly sales-focused people, has made me aware of how much business is out there… just waiting to be picked up.

Debbie & David are both still running their own desks, assisting and training other consultants while at the same time, keeping this awesome, trendy brand alive and kicking. The thing I value most about working with Debbie is that she gives me total freedom to do what I do best and never tries to block my own personal style.

9 May 2017

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