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Howick resident fixes potholed road as uMngeni Municipality finalising plan to repair and revamp roads

DURBAN – A HOWICK resident, who has opted to repair a pothole-riddled road near his home, says he stepped up to do the work because he wanted to be a responsible citizen.

The UMngeni Municipality, under which the area falls, has been the subject of criticism, and there have been threats of reporting it to the president because of declining service delivery.

Jonty Myhill opted to repair Curry’s Post Road himself, in a move that has created temporary work for some locals.

“It is no use complaining and blaming others. In some instances, you just have to do the work yourself,” he said.

He emphasised yesterday that he didn’t bear a grudge against the uMngeni Municipality over the state of disrepair of some of the roads in the area.

He also added that a message on a signboard to notify motorists of the repairs, which had caught the attention of social media users, had not been written by him.

Myhill said he lives on a smallholding with his family, including his parents, and he loves the area in which he has lived for the past 35 years.

He said the issue of roads with potholes was not only a problem in Howick and people were upset about the state of roads across the country.

“Everywhere you go, there are problems with potholes in the roads. Personally, though, I hold no grudge against them,” said Myhill. He insisted that the move was a sign of being a responsible citizen. I have been voting in all the elections over the past years and will continue doing so,” he said.

UMngeni Municipality spokesperson Thando Mgaga said it was finalising a plan to repair and revamp roads that were in ruins because of potholes, including Karkloof Road, Ogilvie Road, Curry’s Post Road and Hilton Avenue.

He conceded that although the municipality was committed to repairing the roads, they were hamstrung by financial constraints.

“We appeal to the members of the public to bear with us,” said Mgaga. “By the same token, I wish to assure them that plans are in motion within the limited resources.”

Curry’s Post Conservancy chairperson Wendy Channing said the state of roads in Howick had become a source of concern for all road users.

She said that some businesses had closed down because people were fearful of driving on roads that had become “deathtraps”.

21 May 2021

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