When you are in the flow

Meaningful careers emerge for people when they can see a connection between their own personal values, and the role they play in a company. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a plumber, an artist, or a highly skilled software developer or solutions architect — it’s about identifying how you use your skills to help others. The rewards for finding this kind of a match between individuals and the team they play for are hugely beneficial. Things can start to flow!

Finding your flow state can guide your career, relationships, your whole life. In flow state there is a sense of ease, things just click into place. We become self-motivated, more productive, more empowered. We experience new ideas and insights. And flow is contagious. When we are in that positive feedback loop, it rubs off on those we interact with. Being in the flow state brings out the best in all of us.

Finding synergy between the goals of an organisation and the intrinsic motivation of individuals creates more powerful teams. When they’re in the flow… you know. It takes a special kind of specialist to understand a company and an individual well enough to make that kind of match. To speak to one of those specialists about your goals click here: hello@swiftmomentum.com

10 July 2023

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