Change is not easy, but it is possible. Often, we get stuck in our ways – even if those ways are no longer serving us. This is as true for individuals, as it is for companies. Entrepreneurial companies are notoriously change-averse. But growth, without the commensurate change, is a recipe for failure. The entrepreneurs, who started the business, suddenly find themselves needing to manage people, or to appoint managers. Systems and processes are required; the business is no longer a ‘small’ business. Entrepreneurs may struggle to let go of their ‘baby’ but, at the same time, the growth they dreamed of is upon them. Strategic management of the growth and change is the key to business success.

Trevor Waller, the founder of TSW Consulting, worked for a premier business incubator for 9 years. Hired as employee number 8, when Trevor left 9 years later, the business had grown to 120 employees. Trevor experienced, and was fundamental to the management of, this process. He knows what is required to manage the transition from small to medium-sized business. Furthermore, as Head of Training, Trevor also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, in the field of personal development, equipping them with the skills required to move from entrepreneur to business leader. In addition, as a graduate of the Open, Experimental Education Institute, in Jerusalem, Trevor’s interventions are experiential, creative and practical. Participants leave with tools, techniques and skills that can be implemented immediately.

TSW Consulting has a range of solutions all aimed at assisting entrepreneurs, managers and staff to make the transitions that are necessary for business growth and success.

These solutions are outlined below.

Partner/Senior Manager Alignment Workshops

Logotherapeutic Coaching

Employee Courses (Workshops)


“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make weaknesses irrelevant.”
Peter Drucker

Like a marriage, business partnerships often start with a powerful spark. But, as with marriage, they lose their spark if not worked on. When partners, or senior managers, are not aligned, employees are rudderless. The cracks begin to show, and stress and tension become the order of the day.

In this simple, yet effective, half-day workshop, participants will:

  • Identify their core values
  • Ensure goal and work ethic alignment
  • Identify individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Define clear lines of accountability and responsibility (based on the goals, values, strengths and weaknesses)
  • Plan communication protocols


“Man is a deciding being.”
Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor and the author of ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, is the founder of Logotherapy (Logos = meaning in Greek). It is premised on the belief that human beings have the unique ability to make meaning of their lives. They do this by learning to respond, rather than react, to what is happening to them. The need for people, in their personal and working lives, to take responsibility for themselves and their lives has never been greater. Moreover, entrepreneurs and managers, faced with a daily barrage of choices and decisions, need to ensure that their thinking and decision-making processes are as clear as possible. Logotherapeutic coaching is a way for executives (and employees) to achieve clarity and clear issues that may be hindering their performance.

Trevor is a qualified logotherapist and has combined the philosophy of logotherapy with the best coaching tools to create a process in which participants will learn to:

• Identify habitual thought processes
• Increase self-awareness and identify limiting beliefs
• Respond (rather than react)
• Identify success inhibitors and reduce them
• Build better relationships
• Communicate more clearly

• Become more present- and future-oriented (by dealing with ‘baggage’)
• Become more disciplined
• Manage boundaries
• Diagnose issues and become solutions-focused
• Become a better leader!


The latest organisational research seems to suggest that millennials (who increasingly make up the majority of the workforce) “value continuous learning opportunities in the workplace more that they value a free lunch or being able to work in a cool office.” ( The reality is that, no matter the ‘generation’ of your employees, an engaged staff is a productive staff.

We customise our content to meet the needs of your particular company. For example, in a retail environment, poor communication has a negative impact on customer service. Therefore, the ‘Communication Matters’ workshop is tailored to assist employees to radically shift the way they are communicating with customers. The impact can be seen on the bottom line. All training is linked to the daily functions of the business, with the objective being to shift employees from undesired to desired, goal-centred behaviour. You can’t do it without your people. Let us help you to change your people in order to change your business.

The following courses are available:

  • Self Matters: Focuses on the self, giving participants the opportunity to look at their beliefs, and how these are shaping their reality.
  • Others Matter: Focuses on tools and methods for engaging with others with honesty, respect and dignity.
  • Communication Matters: Focuses on self-talk, paradigms, assertive communication, cultural issues and conflict resolution. Better communication = better service = increased profits!
  • Money Matters: Looks at beliefs about money, how the relationship with money shapes one’s financial reality and assists people to create a healthier relationship with money.

Courses are structured in such a way that participants get to practise what they have learned  during training sessions. The sessions are also constructed to provide participants with ample time to share openly, with the spin-off effects for your workplace becoming a place where changed behaviour begins to happen naturally.

Nobody leaves the family….