Here’s a cool article for you “Cape Tonian Environmentally Conscious Hipster Tech Heads” that we thought you’d like…

Here’s a cool article for you “Cape Tonian Environmentally Conscious Hipster Tech Heads” that we thought you’d like…

So we’ve been busy with our daily lives trying to explore every day and new happenings. While experiencing this journey it wouldn’t hurt to simply think about the benefits of eco-friendly life.

We’ve listed some environmentally conscious apps which don’t require extra efforts from you to lead a greener life. You will be inspired to live one after reading about them.

GoodGuide– Available on iOS and Android.

GoodGuide  allows you to scan the barcodes of more than 170,000 products to see if they’re safe, healthy, green and socially responsible. You can look up ingredients, nutritional value, animal welfare, human rights, energy efficiency and more. It also has various categories from food, to baby and kids, to household cleaners.

Green Power Battery Saver–  Available on Android.

The app provides more life to your battery by automatically turning Wi-Fi, bluetooth and mobile data on when you need them and off when you don’t need them.

 iRecycle– Available on iOS.

As the name suggests with iRecycle, you can know about more than 1 million ways to recycle along with tips for improving your own lifestyle and the latest in green news.

Green Kitchen– Available on iOS.

Green Kitchen is a treasure of organic vegetarian recipes that are handpicked and easy to follow. You will be able to cook sustainable food that require less energy consumption.

Green Genie– Available on iOS.

The app is “your complete guide to a sustainable lifestyle.” Developed by professionals, Green Genie offers huge database of green tips, sustainable projects and valuable resources.

Locavore– Available on iOS and Android.

Locavore finds farmers and farmer’s markets in your areas with in-season, local food for you with your phone’s GPS. The app also gives you directions, lists of what’s in season and recipes.

Brain Cafe GeoQuiz– Available on iOS and Android.

This app not only tests you on your geographical knowledge, from capital cities to natural extreme but also provides fun information about the planet — and learning about what needs to be done for it.

UNEP Carbon Calculator– Available on iOS.

Everyone knows about the dangers of Greenhouse gases and the effects they have on global climate change. UNEP Carbon Calculator lets you calculate how much CO2 is emitted when you travel and what can you do to help.

Wunderlist– Available on iOS.

Is your desk or refrigerator loaded with post-it notes? Wunderlist will help you replace them by keeping online track of your to-do list thus increasing your productivity.

SOLARCHECKER– Available on iOS.

This app provides information about solar radiation at your exact residence or office location, and helps you set up solar panels for alternative energy if required.

30 Jul 2013

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