Twitter does not currently allow for embedded Instagram photos, and the results are pretty ugly. When you post a photo from Instagram to Twitter, it shows up as a link to Instagram’s website. This isn’t Twitter’s fault, so don’t hate the micro-blogging site, hate the game. Or hate Facebook… post-buyout, Instagram decided not to support Twitter Cards, the system Twitter set up to allow users and developers to attach media to their tweets.  Read more

The digital advertising industry in South Africa is constantly evolving, and plenty of smart, passionate candidates are vying for jobs at the hottest digital agencies. So how can you differentiate yourself from the rest? We’ve put together some top tips to ensure that you stand out. Read more

Here’s a cool article for you “Cape Tonian Environmentally Conscious Hipster Tech Heads” that we thought you’d like…

So we’ve been busy with our daily lives trying to explore every day and new happenings. While experiencing this journey it wouldn’t hurt to simply think about the benefits of eco-friendly life.

We’ve listed some environmentally conscious apps which don’t require extra efforts from you to lead a greener life. You will be inspired to live one after reading about them. Read more

What are the Big Tech CEO’s getting paid?

Apparently according to recent data, this year’s class of top public-company CEOs are definitely being compensated like royalty. Read more

After Google and Mozilla, Facebook will now pay cash rewards to researchers who privately report vulnerabilities that could expose the privacy or security of the Facebook users. Read more

We lost count of how many variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 already out there and how many more to come. This time they have made one compatible for advanced network of South Korea.  Read more

The new software, iOS7, is said to mark a departure with icons and textures meant to mimic real-world objects, such as the torn yellow paper effect in the iPhone’s built-in Notes app.

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