Samsung announces another variant of Galaxy S4

We lost count of how many variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 already out there and how many more to come. This time they have made one compatible for advanced network of South Korea. 

South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom launched an advanced LTE  version of Galaxy S4. The speed of this handset can go up to 150Mbps. SK Telecom also said that the service is the first in the world and it went live in Seoul with 42 other cities and 103 universities. SK Telecom has plan to extend this service to another 84 cities. Currently Galaxy S4 is the only compatible hand set to receive this service but the operator said that they will bring another 7 handsets by the end of this year to allow more options to consumers.

This speed is twice as fast as its existing LTE network. They are planning to use this speed to launch full HD video streaming service and it will be available to go live next month. They will use their paid TV service, “Btv mobile.” They used Carrier Aggregation to combine different frequencies on a mobile network to stabilize 20MHz spectrum band by combining two different smaller channels.

LTE advance is still a open field for developers. With time more speed will come into use. LTE advance has become the industry standard and researchers will bring out more ways to get more speed. NTT DoCoMo a Japanese carrier says that they will launch a 1Gbps LTE advance service in some point of 2015. They already have a download speed of 112.5Mbps. Samsung Galaxy S4 in this variant is similar to the original one but bit faster with Qualcomm 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It also has some extra features related to pictures and videos.


28 June 2013

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