What are the Big Tech CEO’s getting paid?

What are the Big Tech CEO’s getting paid?

Apparently according to recent data, this year’s class of top public-company CEOs are definitely being compensated like royalty.

So who’s on the big hitter list from the tech sector, you ask?

Larry Ellison, of course. The Oracle CEO and co-founder topped the entire list of 200 with a compensation package worth a invredible $96.2 million, a bump of $18.6 million from his 2011 take. Others rounding out the tech high end are Activision’s Robert Kotick ($64.9 million), Salesforce’s Marc Benioff ($22.1 million) and outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini ($18.9 million).

Nuance Communications chief Paul Ricci did quite well with a $37.1 million package, as did James Crowe of Level 3 Communications at $40.7 million.

The most noteworthy newcomer is a familiar face: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. She took home a package worth $36.6 million in 2012, a number that falls at the upper end of the middle for the 30-odd technology CEOs who made the list.

Most of the folks included boasted packages in the $10 million to $20 million range; HP’s Meg Whitman clocked in at $15.4 million, as did IBM’s Virginia Rometty. Intuit’s Brad Smith hit $12.26 million, while AOL chief Tim Armstrong took home $12.1 million.

The lowest of the tech group? That went to Sprint’s Dan Hesse, whose total compensation was worth $11.1 million.

Keep in mind that these packages include base salary, cash bonuses, stock and options, as well as other forms of compensation (benefits, perks). And the bulk of these millions aren’t usually from salaries or in cash, but rather the stock options that are included. Ellison received about $90 million of his total $96.2 million package in options; Kotick’s options comprised 86 percent of his package’s value.

Not too bad for just a handful of years after America’s Great Recession. I have to wonder, though, whether the shareholders are cool with these CEO pay packages.

1 Jul 2013

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